packaging business opportunities in China's consumer market.

Time: 2018-05-18
Summary: candle box,flower box, clothing box ,clothing packaging box,chocolate box

On April 19, the ministry of commerce's press secretary peaked at a regular briefing and introduced China's consumption market in the first quarter.

As a product or consumer goods to provide supporting services industry, printing, packaging and printing industry, involved in the consumer market of our country industry sales growth or decline, will directly affect the form a complete set of printing, packaging and printing for its sales growth or decline;The new bright spots in it will also bring new market opportunities to the printing and packaging industry.(paper box ,paper packaging box,paper bag)

Peak in the introduction mentioned "at the end of the consumer spending" contribution to economic growth, this extremely important indicators, is China's response to the possible outbreak of a trade war with China style, also will increase synchronization to make printing, packaging and printing requirements.This paper summarizes the characteristics of the consumption market operation in the first quarter, and analyzes the trade wars between China and the United States and the printing and packaging industry.(paper box,candle box ,clothing packaging box,flower box)

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