As the season approaches, strong paper prices will continue to lift paper companies like Xiaolong and Libong!

publisher: brivote
Time: 2018-05-31
Summary: paper price will continue rising
[Chinese Packaging Network News]: "When you were called sweet, nowadays new people win the old man and call him Mrs. Niu." Recalling that in 2017, the smash hit of the papermaking industry can be described as bringing together tens of millions of people. A shy reply, “The price of waste paper has gone up again,” can cause all the funds to swarm up and raise the stock price of paper companies. The 45° of the northeast corner seems to be They are in the same direction of trends; now the prosperity of the world is no longer, with the import of waste paper to tighten, large paper companies are cautiously maintaining the "performance" of waste paper prices, no one is interested, the weak stock price trend highlights a desolate.

However, in the current market with low expectations, Hao Long, the leading paper-making company, can Lee Wen through the advent of the peak season, staged a reversal plot to snatch the center stage position? In fact, it can still be a bit of hope.

Renewed waste paper prices(paper gift box,paper flower box,candle paper box)

The price of domestic OCC has been rising since April, which is different from the fluctuation before and after the Spring Festival. It is understood that as of April 16th, the mainstream OCC price in Guangdong region was between RMB 2,700-2,900/ton, which was RMB 120-200/ton higher than that at the beginning of April. The mainstream OCC price in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was RMB 2400-2620/ton, which was higher than that at the beginning of April. 100-150 yuan/ton.

Since the beginning of March, industry demand has been relatively flat. Some organizations' grassroots research shows that the circulation of the paper industry is slightly slower than the same period of last year. However, the increase in OCC prices, in addition to the mainstream paper mills intending to stabilize the market price of finished paper, actually has other substantive Factors are supporting.

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