Primary school students delight with fairytale drama

publisher: brivote
Time: 2018-05-31

A still from the dance drama  Wild Zebra. [Photo provided to]

A total of 406 primary school students from Zhongguancun No.2 Primary School offered dance drama lovers a feast of eyes through brilliant performance at the Tsinghua Art Museum from May 28 to 30 in Beijing.

In the 90-minute drama Wild Zebra, little performers dressed up in their costumes to tell the story of a heart-warming zebra, which bravely sacrifices itself in the face of misunderstandings and evils to awaken kindness in the animal world and uphold peace and love in the nature.

Based on a fairytale of the same title, the drama comprises four acts and is accompanied by symphony, chorus and choreography.

Interesting yet touching storyline, dazzling dancing and enchanting singing are what make a fantastic children's drama, but those factors also pose a tough requirement on the performers. And Wang Chuqin was one of them.

Wang Chuqin in the fourth grade of Zhongguancun No.2 Primary School plays several roles in the dance drama  Wild Zebra. [Photo provided to]

Wang played three roles - the zebra, swan and antelope in the show. As a 10-year-old girl, it took her more than three months to immerse herself in those roles, which was an unforgettable experience for her.

"I was thrilled when I heard that I was selected in the drama at the beginning. But, to be honest, the rehearsal process was actually arduous as the teacher trained us again and again for the perfect visual effect. However, when I heared thunderous applause at the stage, I think every drop of sweat was worth it," the girl said.I like the rose and the packaging box,paper packaging gift box.flower paper box.

Meanwhile, in the girl's eyes, team work was one of the greatest lessons she learned from the show. "In the play, many zebras have to dance together to present the colorful life in their homeland. Therefore, consistent pace between my partners and me are truly important. Thanks to the hard work we did, we could feel the chemistry among us all the time."